Search Marriage Public Records

How to Search for Marriage Records in California?

Unlike a lot of the state states throughout the United State, California has been keeping track of marriages that took place within the state since 1850. All of these public marriage records are held and maintained at the California Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records. If you are looking to get your marriage record, one of your parents, or to use it to help complete a family tree, the California Department of Public Health is a great place to start your search.
One of the fastest ways to get started with your search is to visit a local county health office in person and tell them exactly what you are looking for – they may have you fill out a form requesting the copy of the record of marriage, or be able to help you locate it right on the spot – however it is important to note they will typically not issue you a certified copy of the certificate while you wait, however you would be able to look at the record of marriage and see if that is the information you are searching for. Due to the fact that all marriage records are considered public information, anyone can get a copy of the record in question, but you will need some information prior to making your inquiry. Among the most important pieces of information you will need are; both the bride and groom’s first and last name as well as the date the marriage took place. Both of these pieces of information are vital to locating the correct marriage record and will speed up the process greatly.