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California Marriage Public Records

California is known with lowest marriage rate in the country. It is the largest state by population with very sizable record of marriages that is maintained by the Department of Health, Office the Vital Records. Any member of the public can view and has the right to get copies of public marriage records under the Public Records of California. Getting a copy is free of charge, fees are only applicable to cover cost of supplies and other services such as making hard copies, burning DVD or CD and special programming by a department personnel. All Public records can be viewed publicly and can also be requested through email while confidential marriage records can only be available through specific county office that issued the license.

California Marriage Records have been kept since 1850’s and there are quite a few million marriage records in existence since California has now an estimated population of more than 36 million people. Locating a record that you want to seek is therefore challenging, however it’s best to engage with professional service if integrity of the information is of the essence and you lack time. Commercial record brokers are available which are experienced and professional when it comes to public records. They can help you expedite accessing and viewing public records and you can be assured of receiving certified copies of marriage records.Having an outside company such as commercial record brokers are a smart-thinking, especially at the outset of the process, if you’re not sure that you have all the necessary information or you want to speed up the process. This is a great way to save time and the difficulty of taking actually to the county office or going through the state to request records.